How to determine if it will work?

Famous marketer Dan Kennedy in his Wealth Attraction Seminar, mentions that Napolian Hill actually spent a lot of his life broke – even after the success of “Think and Grow Rich”. He was still broke after that huge success! Apparently working for W. Clement Stone as a sales trainer turned that around. Interesting to note Mr. Stone became successful in part due to Hill’s writings. This is how incredible partnerships/JV/team is for us.

Gurus are often broke. Knowing means you have answers. Doing means you will make money. Take Google for instance. It had to have a side avenue of ads to generate money. Providing a search service in and of itself does not make money. Both knowing and doing are required to have a high income stream.

Just asking your life coach if they are rich is a poor question. They are probably just a good salesman if they are rich. Would you let the salesman at the dealership work on your car? Exactly! But they make tons more than the mechanic in the back.

Start with the basics: what do you need to get done?
What will get you there?
That’s a good start. Just do that. Things can get to complicated very quickly.


Toby Jensen – Master Life Coach
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How wide is the path?

Is there one path or many paths? And does a person have to want to change before they can get help? Often a hotly debated topic is mostly centers around awareness and what works.


If you don’t have willingness or belief (which most people don’t) then we rely on marketing and sales to get you to want to do it. From there we go with hundreds of different personal preferences but only one thing actually causes change or healing. It is the healing of the false belief. Many different things might be needed to heal but only one thing needs to be done to heal. There are many different ways to forgive but only one forgiveness. This often confuses people because they think there are many different ways to cure anger when the facts show forgiveness is the only thing that cures anger. Gratitude does not cure anger. Hard work does not cure anger. Meditation does not cure anger. These things can help get you to forgive but only one thing cures anger.

The same is with healing false beliefs. Only one thing cures it. The one path is wide enough to walk it however you want. You simply will not reach the end until you get there – no matter how much you want it. And you will never get to the end if you do not take enough breaks along the way.


Enjoy the weekend.

Getting started is the hardest part?

They say getting started is the hardest part. What are your best tips to start taking action?

Do what you really want to in a way that is comfortable. Interesting, invigorating, fascinating, supportive, relaxing, enjoyable all equal comfortable. I simply can’t stress this enough. Work sucks. Turn work into play by doing what you really want to do. There are so many ways to exercise and physical things to do.

This is probably one of the most profound insights I’ve ever found in motivation. People are already motivated (or you would be dead) is another way to look at it.

Questions are your most powerful tool. These are questions you ask yourself not necessarily of others.

On one end: Where do you want to be? How do you want to get there? Get a plan that will work. On the other end: what is it costing you? How does it hurt? Involve both sides to motivation (pleasure and pain) in a constructive, healthy, responsible, and appropriate way. Finding this pleasure/pain balance for yourself is the most tricky part.

Some people like to work out by themselves while others see that as torture and pain. Maybe just making a commitment to show up to the front desk of a gym would be enough that you could do? Then have the front desk clerk learn to recognize you and entice you into the gym or have your trainer come get you. I don’t really know here because I don’t know you but I think you get the idea. I am just picking out random things to illustrate different points.

Aside from working out is eating healthy. That seems to be about 90% of losing weight if this is part of what you want. This is a completely different thing. If losing weight is more important than getting in shape then just forget about exercise for now. Truly. Just forget it. Focus everything on enjoying some kind of healthy food. Learn to cook naked in the kitchen with your girlfriend? I have no idea. Wait, that is a bad idea because of hot splashes. (Are you getting the idea here?) Find something that interests you.


As far as goals in general: you have to tie rewards to the level of goal you achieve.

A small goal = a small reward

A medium goal = a medium reward

A large goal = a large reward

Too large a reward for a small goal means, “You are done” to yourself. Too small a reward for a large goal means, “You won’t ever make it” to yourself. Take care of yourself.


Now look at what is getting in your way. Embarrassment? Lack of friends? Depression? Money? Boredom? Opportunity? (too busy) What is it? This is the introspective look at getting in shape. These are the road blocks. Here is a short little cartoon that can get you started here>

What gets you out of bed in the morning on the weekends? I suggest using some version of that to get started. Then, why do you finally go to bed on the weekends? And add that as well. Trust me, eventually if you keep tinkering around to find how you are already motivated you will find it. This is the key. Once you find this you can turn up the volume (leverage). Without knowing how you are already motivated turning up the volume by trying to motivate yourself is a waste of time. So many wonderfully interesting ways to get into shape. Have some fun. Try different things. When it clicks and you hit home – gold. You never go back. You are in shape and enjoy it.

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