How does it work?

Q: What is a typical session like with you? What am I in for?

A: Generally it is a conversation between us, typical of most coaching sessions. You discover for yourself on your own, in your own way, at your own pace. I don’t know if I would even call it a session. It’s just us mostly having a conversation. We generally talk about what you want.

Q: Do you have to take any extreme measures to be effective in your methodology?

A: Usually not. Dealing with difficult people is the nature of my work. It is more than difficult people. Life is often difficult, resulting in difficult decisions and complex processes. Although the process can be quite complex at times it is the nature of the hard work that helps to permanently change us. Remember, what you believe you have to do is usually what you have to do – until you change those beliefs. Because of the complete thoroughness of this methodology it is incredibly rare to need to go to extremes anymore.

I can now show you a much more effective way to achieve permanent results.

Q: This still concerns me. I’ve seen traditional psychologists that end up having power over their clients. They become an authority to them whether it be effective or not in helping them. Will you have power over me as well? These are some valid concerns that come from a psychologist doing things to you and for you. Lucky for you, I enjoy people finally being able to enjoy their own healthy lives. I love responsibility. I show people how to stop being depressed, anxious, and afraid. There is a way out to achieving confidence, trust, knowledge, and skill. There is hardly any need anymore to have authority over someone.

Then once people are have a healthy foundation of confidence, trust, balance, through having cured themselves then we can finally move on to becoming successful in life. This is where skills are taught. But skills can only be mastered by healthy responsibly people. Otherwise you just fake it ‘til you make it. Aren’t you tired of living a lie pretending to be successful? Waking up everyday afraid that someone is going to expose you because you really don’t know what you are doing. You can finally stop winging it through life and become professional. Imagine what it is like to know how to live life everyday. The freedom, the wonder, the delight. The confidence, the health, the enjoyment.

Then we move into the mastery of life. Some people, being fairly healthy already, already have a set of reliable skills they can depend on. With them there may only need to be a slight tweak here and there to be able to master life. They are poised to be able to go unlimited in their success if they learn the skills they need too. The mistake that is commonly made by them is to keep going to a skills specialist who keeps missing the slight tweak they need to heal. This is usually a little thing that is holding up so much. If the skills don’t come naturally to you then you need to change a belief. If you don’t heal it all then you simply can’t get the highest level skills to work naturally for you. You won’t be able to depend upon your “mastery” of life and count on it to deliver in crunch time.

Q: How hard do I have to work? Why do I have to work at all? This doesn’t sound easy or fun like the movie “The Secret” promised!

A: Work usually isn’t. Entertainment is. The only problem is that the number of people becoming successful from only following general manifestation suggestions is incredibly low. I show people what actually needs to be done. If it is required to have fun then we have fun. Unfortunately, you may have to do work first in order to have fun later. It often takes work to learn how to enjoy life fully. Then, and only then, do you get to transcend work and enjoy life.

It can be quite complicated and sometimes incredibly difficult to learn to be healthy and live. Some people won’t learn how to do it, not because it is hard or difficult or complex at times, but because they give up, quit, and walk away instead of finding a better way for themselves. If you want to stick with your “coping skills” – keep doing what you’ve been doing. If you want to learn to heal ANY mental illness by changing any belief then you can now learn to do it. It is quite difficult to learn but you can learn it by breaking it down into small do able steps.

Q: The movie “The Secret” says all I have to do is a vision board.

A: There is one line in the movie that says, Now go out and do the work to get what you want. I know because I watched the movie listening for someone to say this one thing. And they only said it only once during the whole movie. I can’t show you how to get better without work. But I can get you to learn to enjoy the work. That is the closest we can get to a free ride. The only drawback is that it takes old fashioned hard work to learn to enjoy it.

Q: How long does it take? I would like to get this all taken care of in three to four sessions. That’s what I’ve been told is reasonable.

A: Unfortunately psychologists in the past were taking a very long time helping people. If they helped at all. They weren’t doing what needed to be done to cure people so it has fallen to coping skills to get by. Since people can’t ever really be cured they ended up being told to stay in therapy for life. This began to appear to outsiders as psychologists simply taking advantage of people when the reality was they were doing the best they could. The only problem was that there was little incentive to learn to cure people. The industry then began to rely on coping skills which got people by. Coping skills show you how to get by but they don’t usually cure anybody. It is very important to remember that coping skills are far better than nothing. Psychology has helped people to move out of mental institutions that in the past were nothing better than a prison. Through coping skills many mentally ill can now live a better life on their own in society. I do better than coping skills. I show people how to cure themselves and it takes time and work.

This is the fastest way that is humanly possible, to know you are doing everything that is needed because you can feel it. You will learn to tune in and know you are doing everything humanly possible since you see it and feel it yourself. Then you will learn how to verify that is everything you can do. To do more than this is shooting beyond the mark. Then you end up doing more work than is needed.

Growing your emotions takes time. Just like it takes time to grow a tree or build a home it also takes time for your emotional strength to grow. The important part is to not get caught up thinking that since you can blow a building up in seconds or cut a tree down in seconds then that must mean you can restore them in seconds. It is far easier to learn to destroy than it is to grow. Contrary to popular opinion, the reality is they are two vastly different endeavors. Then, having finally grown strong healthy emotions you are able to withstand the forces that would tear you down.

The rate of growth in people compounds as they get better at it, of course.

One of the worst things you will ever hear from me is that the cure is ALMOST worse than the disease.

Q: What if the cure is worse than the disease? There are some things that people need to do, that everyone knows will work, and if they were to do it they would self destruct.

A: Just as someone who hasn’t exercised in several years suddenly began exercising it is  likely they could have a heart attack and possibly die, you too may be out of shape emotionally which would be very difficult to start growing. Others may have you believe that it is too late, or that you can’t be helped, or that it would be too difficult, or too disturbing – which being true, they also don’t tell you that you could probably start small, find an interesting avenue to follow through on, and with proper rest you can still grow, heal, and cure yourself.

Sometimes the cure is easy, and sometimes it’s almost more than we can bear, and sometimes it would destroy us. When the cure IS worse than the disease then start where you are at but see the work through slowly.

It usually takes about six months just to learn where the starting line is at. This is the point of being able to start to do the work. At one year most people have achieved an excellent start to being fully healthy.

Q: How does this not rob us of our uniqueness? How can you possibly conceive of a universal, duplicatable, repeatable method that relates to everyone and still works?

A: I START WITH you. Unfortunately, there is politics involved even when working with the truth. Sometimes this is described as milk before meat or line upon line. I am prepared, skilled, and experienced enough to work with any human being at any level. People simply require you to treat them according to their personality preferences and so I do, without falling into the trap of trying to get them a better life without asking them to grow.


Does it work?

Q: I’m already being cured by another method. I don’t need you.

A: Then I understand you are only reading this to see if another option might be better. (If the other method were doing everything you wanted it too you obviously wouldn’t be looking around.)

I have also seen other methods cure people sometimes. Sometimes they luck out and whatever they’re doing works. Other times it’s the client just believing that it will work – so it works. If you believe it will work, then it will probably work. But you have to believe it. If you FULLY AND COMPLETLEY believe that all you have to do to be successful is get up in the morning spin around three times, hop up and down, and bark like a chicken AND you do that – then you will be wildly successful. Until, eventually, doubt creeps in. Once that happens your formula will stop working forever. This is the immense power of beliefs at work in our lives. How do you learn to believe it if you don’t know how?

The real question is, “Is what you are doing repeatable on conscious demand?” Or in other words can you do it under pressure? These are other ways to test to see if someone actually knows what they are doing. Otherwise you are taking a gamble and sometimes the gamble pays off while the rest of the time you spend most of your life chasing lost dreams. Stop running around in circles, ask the right questions, and finally determine what someone is actually doing.

Q: Will it work? And most importantly, will it work it work for me?

A: Surprisingly people don’t care about someone’s credentials because a piece of paper (even fancy paper) on the wall can’t cure you. Would you pay money to a therapist who has three PhDs from Harvard, Yale, and Stanford and no success? Education is only helpful if you have learned to do what works. Otherwise you are wasting your time. What people care about is if I know what I am doing and if I can help them personally.

Q: You can’t fix me. I am beyond help.

A: If you are determined to stay unhealthy then you will remain sick. You have the right to choose. Refusing to do what works only means you will stay where you are at. Some people don’t mind that so much. Although I have some ability to talk people into wanting to get better, there are others who are better at it than me. My strength is in knowing what truly needs to be done. If you need a powerful motivator then please find one. Then, once you are tired of being pumped up without actually changing your life then come see me to learn what really works.

It is heartbreaking to see so many people give up because the current self-improvement field and psychologists don’t know what to do that cures people. Often people have given up because they just got tired of working so hard and only making significant progress instead of just getting all better. Now you can finally have the cure, if you are willing to do what works.



Q: What are your credentials? You don’t know what you are doing. You aren’t legally allowed to do therapy.

A: This is not therapy. You are doing this yourself. I am only suggesting various things at certain points that you will find cures you if you do it. You do it yourself. My goal is to have you live your own free and responsible life. I love being around responsible healthy people who know what to do to become even more successful.

If you need a therapist then please get one. They are the ones who are supposed to help you achieve significant progress. I don’t diagnosis or treat people. I am only a life coach. I show you how to cure yourself. You are (or can be) responsible for your own life. One of my first tenants is that you are responsible for your own life. No one is going to care about your life more than you no matter how much you pay them. It simply isn’t possible because they don’t live inside your head all the time like you do. Don’t you finally want to be able to live the fullest life possible? If you want to be finished then come see me.

Q: I don’t care what you say – this is therapy.

A: Critics contend that life coaching is akin to psychotherapy without restrictions, oversight, or regulation. However, the Colorado General Assembly, after holding a hearing on such concerns, asserted that coaching is unlike therapy because it does not focus on examining or diagnosing the past.[12]

I do not diagnose people and I do not treat illness. I show you exactly how to cure yourself. Permanent lasting change is finally possible in a consciously reproducible systematic method.

Q: What other ways are there to know what you are doing works?

A: The only sure way to know if something will work for you is only after you have done it. Sadly that defeats the whole purpose of not wasting your time. So we ask for examples of where I have helped people to get a pretty good idea if I can help you.

If you want to actually make progress then the question is not what I have done but how I have helped people and how I can help you. Although I have helped many, many people over the years I couldn’t possibly list all their stories here. Contact me here to talk confidentially with me about people who I have helped in situations similar to yours.

Q: So how do I really know you know what you are talking about?

A: I can explain the current limitations of everything going on right now in any form of self-improvement or psychology. Sometimes I have to do a little research first to find out what they are doing. I can explain simply and clearly what my method does for people.

Q: Isn’t it true that you can only help someone up to your own level of health and success? That you can’t help people beyond your current level of health and success?

A: How did the first black belt in karate get there? We get together with the intention of rising above it. Intention is the beginning step and I am amazed by how many people know that and still don’t use it. Also watch out for frauds. How do you tell if someone knows what they are doing? By the fruits of their labors; who they have helped and are they helping you already.

We are expected to help each other and have made incredible progress doing that. We are expected to solve our own problems ourselves as best we can while also, at the same time, working together to help each other. By doing so we learn and grow ourselves and rise above our problems to resolve them. A master’s degree from college doesn’t really graduate people with a rating of how healthy they are either.


Q: Who is going to let a life coach work with their schizophrenic patient?

A: Those who have tried everything else and are still in trouble. When they are tired of coping skills and want to be done with it they come to see me. Or those who have tried everyone and everything else and still haven’t been cured. Contact me if you are ready to finally be done with it instead of only making significant progress. If you need medication see a psychiatrist.

Q: Where is your absolute proof that not only do you know what you are talking about but also that you know what you are doing?

A: The only way to know for sure that this will work for you is after you have done it. That is the only absolute proof. In the meantime, to save people time and money, contact me to discuss confidentially how I have helped people in situations similar to your own.

This is also an interesting two part question and I am taking the time to point out that it has two parts because it deserves to get directly to the heart of the matter. Being able to talk about something is not necessarily the same as being able to do it. It is interesting that most people choose coaches because of their free material. In it the coaches sound great. It disappointing to find out later what a terrible teacher the coach is. If you are looking for hyped-up motivational speakers who are smooth and sophisticated in front of the room while entertaining you then you need to look elsewhere. If you are looking for motivational salespeople who to talk you into doing something then you also need to look elsewhere.

People also ask if I have made millions of dollars or how many current clients I have. Again, this can be slightly misleading in seeking an effective life coach. People often confuse great achievers with great teachers when these two skills are usually very different. Two great examples of great achievers are Michael Jordan in basketball and Donald Trump in real estate. No one would really argue their level of competence and neither would I. What I am asking is, “How good of a teacher are they?” Michael Jordan went on to buy the Wizards basketball team whom he couldn’t really improve that much. Donald Trump wrote a few books that most people complained about not really showing them how to make money in real estate. Don’t confuse great achievers with great teachers.

What results have I produced already? How do I know how I will produce results with you? That is the only way to know anything for sure. Judge people by the fruits of their labors. I can show you how to resolve any problems of any nature, depth, or scope with you if you willingly keep showing up to coaching in person. Anything. Contact me here to confidentially talk about the people I have already helped.

Q: Are your services guaranteed?

A: Yes, if you do the Gutap™ process you change all false beliefs. You can now stop looking for an excuse to avoid failure. Successful people know how to check a product out to know that it will work for them. I can understand where you are at. You know that I get you. I then begin offering some basic next steps. Then, in my credibility, I show how to go all the way. If you’re looking for quick fixes – everyone else will promise you that and let you run around in circles while they take your money. When you’re ready to go to the next level and beyond to the finish line regardless of how much success you have already achieved then contact me here to finally get there.

Q: What kind of car do you drive?

A: This is really a question of my profits earned. Or, if I am any good then I should have lots of clients and be able to flash around lots of expensive toys. Somehow this has equated to being an acceptable form of proof of one’s claims. We all know that good sales people earn plenty of money but that doesn’t mean their product really does what they claim. It just means they can sell.


What is your long term plan?

Q: How does psychology relate to spirituality?

A: They both seem to be related directly with how we feel. It is through out feelings that we come to a spiritual or emotional understanding.

It is interesting to see how people react to the various parts of this theory. On the home page it describes that there are over twenty-five different parts to it. In doing so various people usually love part of it, hate part of it, and are indifferent to the rest. What is so fascinating is how different people hate different parts of it. This requires an ongoing rewording of various parts in order for clients to feel validated in order to achieve incredible success. This required flexibility is universally possible while still maintaining the core truths of the grand theory. I only had to understand the whole nature of the universe and develop The Grand Unifying Theory of Psychology before I could stay flexible with integrity. Hopefully  future clients are willing to be somewhat flexible as well. Sometimes clients come in that are so sensitive or so defined already and ask for the truly impossible. Eventually it comes to a point where they ask for me to give them a better life while they don’t have to change. Then they threaten me with money. This makes things difficult. It requires me doing for them in some way what they need to do for themselves. This road leads to dependency, something which people can do better growing out of.

Q: What are you secretly promoting? Are you trying to promote some religion or hidden lifestyle?

A: I too have often been disappointed once I’ve learned what people are really teaching. It is discouraging to learn that so called “masters of life” don’t really have a resolution to real change. Although I like to think I am quite intelligent and often have good answers to things – I don’t know everything. I have not mastered all of life either. No one here has mastered life or they wouldn’t be around anymore, would they?

My agenda is health. To achieve health, and to be healthy whatever it takes. Then from there grow. From any nation, creed, status, culture, ancestry, religion, race, or sex. For me this is more than truth. Sometimes truth is referred to existing in itself. I am interested in truth in living which means a practical truth – being healthy.

Q: Should you even have an agenda?

A: This is an interesting question that could imply many things. I start with my agenda (or intention) to do everything I can so you can become even more healthy, skilled, and successful regardless of whatever success you have already obtained. Success as you specifically define it – although most people want more money and more love. I then work to apply these principles and exercises within our conversations to further what you want to accomplish. This is your life, now you can live it fully and beyond.

Q: Is this a religion?

A: No, it does become quite spiritual (emotional) at certain points though.

Q: How does your theory relate to science then?

All self-improvement is based on spiritual principles anyway. Here, you get a down to earth, clear cut, straight forward understanding of what is really happening. Science and religion are a lot more alike than people realize. Quantum mechanics is the science of probabilities – meaning what you expect to happen will probably happen. It is the equivalent of faith in religion. Or a different example is self defeating behavior. I can walk in to a corporation and say self defeating behavior all day long and be accepted until I call it sin. Now I have crossed the line in our society of the separation of church and state. To me they are the same terms but what good does it do to intentionally upset people used highly charged terms when you can be more effective instead? I am more than willing to talk with restrictions because so many people still can’t differentiate between sin and self defeating behavior. Sin is still a highly charged emotional term for so many people still.


The expensive nature of the program

Q: Why are you fees so expensive?

A: To ensure clients maintain their own responsibility through the process, and that they take the process seriously enough to finish it. It helps people to finish something if they have some form of commitment. I also like to earn a living, increase marketing, gain respectability, and most important – to reinvest in this business through research and growth to be able to help even more people effectively.

I am available for an initial free consultation contact me here.

Q: What about discounts in this economy?

A: If I could guarantee that six months of my coaching would grant you your wildest dreams, how much would that be worth to you?


It’s priceless, you can’t put a dollar amount on that . . .

Q: Do you not care in really helping people by making what you know available for free? Do you not have charity? You must not really care about people if you don’t help us for free.

A: I believe in charity AND earning a living. The best book to explain this is Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.  Although I do charge a fee to work with people I also consider every responsible and fair trade imaginable. No one has to be turned away.

Q: Why don’t you work on a commission basis if what you do works so well?

A: For particular clients that have already demonstrated a certain amount of achievement I can take on for a commission basis. This commission often becomes more expensive than my upfront fee when it is delayed to the end.

Q: When will your book be finished?

A: I am currently looking for a good match in a publisher.

Q: How do I learn to do what you do?

A: You may pick up parts of it during sessions but it would be like learning to paint by watching Picasso. For now only very serious inquiries into teaching my methods are available. It you thought the cure was almost as bad as the disease learning to deliver it is almost worse.


Q: If you’re so good then why hasn’t anyone heard of you? Why are you still in Salt Lake City?

A: Salt Lake City is the most difficult place in the world to start and run a successful self-improvement company. We have a very educated and more healthy than most population that doesn’t need a lot of help. We also have an even more extreme intellectual segment that loves to sit around and just poke holes in whatever you do. On top of that the local dominant religion has come out and spoken against certain types of development programs that has led most of it’s members to simply just turn their backs on all self-improvement programs rather than differentiate between the programs. Then, we have the most difficult problem of all. Competition. We have more self-improvement programs, life coaches, spiritualists, and self-growth companies per capita than anywhere in the world. The market here is incredibly saturated. This city is a veritable furnace of tempering that you have to go through to make it. Literally, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. It is this incredible tempering heat that forced me to produce what I have done. I probably wouldn’t have developed this living anywhere else in the world.

Q: Holy crap you are confident in your abilities! Are there any other outlandish preposterous statements you want to make!!???!

A: No one is beyond facilitation now. There is no human being that I can’t handle in coaching if they do one thing. And that is to voluntarily show up to their meetings with me.

You now know what to do. What will it take to get you to follow through?

Contact me here to find out.