How to cure anger in less than two seconds 

By cure I mean that your anger is completely gone. I do not mean repressing anger, stuffing anger, letting it go, or denial. I mean cure as in completely gone. If you do one simple thing.

The cure for anger is incredibly simple. I reasoned this out for myself in 2008. Of course everyone already knows what this is but very few people are saying if you do this one thing you cure your anger. Completely. I had been doing research and figured out that you only need to do one thing out of all the anger management teaching to cure anger. The rest of what is taught in anger management course is helpful in other ways but doesn’t cure your anger. How do we know there must be a cure for anger? If there wasn’t then everyone would still be angry. What did they do?

You do not need anger management classes.
You do not need a 12 step program.
You do not need to count to ten
(or count backwards from ten).
You do not need to take a break or go for a walk.
You certainly don’t need to take a pill.

Although these things certainly can help they do not claim to cure your anger. They are designed as excellent coping skills. There has been no consciously known cure for anger before, even though people stop being angry all the time. They just don’t know how to do it on demand. Imagine a way to know how to stop being angry on demand that is consciously repeatable.

People on a large scale have not consciously connected two simple things together to know how to cure anger. If you only want to learn to manage your anger through coping skills then by all means simply keep to the list above. But if you want to cure your anger then you only have to do one simple thing.

I do not do this one thing for you. You have to do this simple action to cure your anger. I know you can do this because I have seen two year olds do this. I have seen teenagers and adults do this. I have seen people with every form of mental illness do this. I have even seen people with Down Syndrome do this. You are capable of curing your own anger if you do one simple thing. If you do it. I have even seen drunk people do this. Normally being drunk is the automatic disqualifier to doing any personal growth. I won’t even attempt to bother doing personal work with someone when they are actually drunk. Nobody does. But I have seen drunk people do this one seemingly simple thing and their anger is gone. Eliminated. Not stuffed, repressed, or in denial. Cured. Gone. Period.

It is simple, straight forward and safe enough for a two year old to do it. You can do this too.

And this is how you do it. First, think of something small that somebody did to irritate you. Preferably someone you actually care about. Think of something small so it won’t be that big of a deal when you’re not angry at them in a few minutes. If you have found something small that somebody did to you recently to irritate you then read on, if not please just take a moment before you continue. Choosing something small is helpful to start to begin with in order to ensure your chances of success. Later on you will have time to work up to something bigger.

Now, only if you are ready, continue reading. I say only if you are ready because sometimes it is NOT appropriate to cure our anger. Or sometimes people aren’t ready to be done with their anger. Obviously that is a whole different discussion. That is why I have you choose something small that somebody you like did to irritate you. So you can actually do it. If you have found your small thing then you are ready for the final step to cure your anger. It is written next > forgive them.

Go ahead, test it out. You can do it right now.

You cure anger by forgiving. Forgive them and your anger is gone. Forgiving them is more for us than it is for them. We forgive people so we don’t have to carry them around in our own head anymore. Forgive them and you can finally move on. It often times doesn’t punish a person to not forgive them. Although it can help immensely if you do forgive them but it is not required. It only works if you do it. This works 100% of the time if you do it. Can you imagine a 100% cure rate for anger (if you do one simple thing of course). It works every single time for every single person everywhere.

Now, once you’ve forgiven them, go and find your anger now. Where is your anger? You can’t touch it if you forgave them. If you are having difficulty it may be that we are in a public place right now and it does get a little personal to forgive someone. Do this again at home – AND START WITH SOMETHING SMALL FIRST!

Now, you can forgive yourself, and get out of your own head. By forgiving you actually get them out of your own head. Forgiving allows you to be free from them. It is for you that you forgive. And if you don’t forgive them you won’t be able to forgive yourself. You can’t forgive yourself if you don’t forgive them.

Society is beginning to associate these two things together more and more often. I am the first person to consciously associate the two in order to directly cure anger.


There has to be a cure for anger. People don’t get angry and stay angry forever. We understand what the cure is now. Which leads us to every single other negative emotion. Every negative emotion has its own positive counterpart emotion that cures it instantly. There has to be a cure or everybody would get angry, depressed, or anxious and stay that way for the rest of their lives.

Realizing that some people do become depressed and stay that way for years at a time – can there really be just one emotion that cures depression? It is what most people end up doing to eventually work through their own depression.

It has been done before, now you can do it too.

  • Contact me now to cure depression, anxiety, shame, overwhelm, repression, and even pure raw fear itself in less than two seconds.

It takes about ten minutes to explain it.
One session to know what it is.
Three to four sessions to get started practicing and get basic questions answered.
Six to eight sessions to finish.
It is NOT forgiveness. Forgiveness does not cure depression.

A cure, meaning it takes place AFTER the problem has occurred. This does not prevent anger, depression, or anxiety. This does not stop the problem of anger, depression, or anxiety from happening again. That is handled through the healing during Gutap™.

Anger, depression, and anxiety cannot be eliminated from the universe. It is much better to eliminate the unhealthy manifestation of it and keep the healthy means of anger, depression, and anxiety. To merely pretend, deny, or repress these feelings leads to serious problems.

Forgiveness resolving anger demonstrates a cure.

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