“Do what it takes and get what you want – every time.”
— Martin James


$150 to $800 per session – for at least 10 sessions

Over 90% of my clients continue on after the minimum number of sessions – especially after seeing their whole lives transform to the level barely conceivable prior to coaching.


If you only want two sessions then you are wasting your time. Most clients either double their income or double their love in two to three years.

This is absolutely the most difficult work there is. Manual labor, marriage, and building a fortune 500 company are easier than emotional inner work. 

Sessions are customized monthly. Each session goes until you are done. Very few people need to go longer than two to three hours. Why keep starting over at each session? Just keep going. Coaching can be done by Zoom or phone even though it is more effective in person. Clients can fly into Salt Lake International Airport where my home office is a few minutes away.


If you need medication you will see a psychiatrist, if you need therapy you will see a psychologist, if you want to be in a created space that allows you to see clearly and be effective, work with me. The most incredible, wonderful feeling is finally knowing how to deal with anything in life. After dealing with the beliefs that drive your behavior you will learn skills that produce what you want.


Are you finally done with the empty promises of others?


Only see me if you’re ready to work, the hard work, that actually works. Then you can finally be done.


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