For over twenty years Toby Jensen has been empowering others to reach ever higher levels of consciousness, prosperity, and love to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Living only to coach those striving for an even better life, Toby has devoted his complete existence to this end. As a life coach, writer, speaker, and trainer he has changed the lives of many, many people throughout his career. Realizing that the principles of health relate across the board to self-improvement, executive coaching, and the rest of life he began transcending all other’s self-improvement programs to bring the most effective results to clients around the world.

Having combined visionary leadership, measurable performance, business, and a practical understanding of sales, culture, philosophy, psychology, self-improvement, history, and science from throughout the world that work together with the depth and substance of safe support, Toby has brought a unified systematic approach to completely transform all the limiting deep core beliefs through which we all view reality itself. Having begun his own self-improvement with this single interest – to be a better person – Toby started by listening to ever popular motivational speakers in the mid-eighties. He studied motivational speaking and personality analysis used in sales at Weber State University. Not finding the answers he needed he went on through the years to read thousands of books and attend hundreds of self-improvement workshops in his quest to find what truly changes our deepest core beliefs.

A rarely seen, gifted facilitator, Toby is able to offer what psychology, self-improvement, spirituality, and science should be offering. It is the result of his life’s work, having taken over twenty-five years of development to bring it to you.

Toby’s presentation style is calm and relaxed, quite different than the traditional pump you up while entertaining you that has been popular in the past. His style works better for people in that it is a lot more interactive with the audience. He encourages discussion and asking questions to get clear explanations of usually difficult to explain complex details. People love that he can speak clearly and plainly about the most complex of ideas. (If you can’t explain it to high school kids within a few minutes then you really don’t understand it yourself.) The bonus comes when he relates the seemingly complex things to other subjects in ways that allow you to begin to understand the relationships between all things. Now we have an understanding of difficult things AND how they fit into the big picture.

Finally, we now know what work we need to do in order for anyone to obtain the life of our dreams. Down to earth, practical results, in as clear and precise a manner as humanly possible.

If you need a therapist then please get one. They are the ones who are supposed to diagnose and treat you. I don’t diagnosis or treat people. I am a life coach. I show you how to cure yourself. You are (or can be) responsible for your own life. No matter what anyone says NO ONE is going to care about your life more than you do. Don’t you finally want to be able to do that?

Continuing to solve all of the mysteries of the universe while becoming a better person.

Toby Jensen, Master Life Coach
Pure Consulting
Park City, UT

A more in depth list of educated subjects by Toby: psychology, sociology, philosophy, self-improvement, communication, culture, education (how to teach and learn), physics, history, spirituality, performing arts, anthropology, political science, chemistry, computer sciences, logic, statistics, design, creativity, business, physical performance, and law just to name the top subjects.