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I will be posting answers to all your questions here. In the meantime, send me your questions and concerns so I can be sure to include answers to them.This is only a list of questions that will have answers next. I'm only posting the long list of questions for now. I have most of them answered but wanted to get out a list for now. Q: I read EVERYTHING on your website and I didn’t find this so called “cure” anywhere. Why did you title your website :The Grand Unifying Theory” and then not deliver? Q: What’s with all this God and Jesus stuff? I thought this was psychology? Can’t you be professional and deliver a cure without having to resort to “God said so”? A: Yes Q: If Toby believes in God and Jesus then isn't he selling out by being willing to exclude referring to them properly? A: No   Q: I'm already being cured by another method. I don’t need you. Q: Will it work? And will it work it work for me? Q: You can’t fix me. I am beyond help.   Q: What is this? How does it work? What is a typical session like with you? A: Generally it is a conversation between us, typical of most coaching sessions.   Q: I’ve heard some weird things that happen with life coaches. Am I going to be curled up in the fetus position and screaming at the top of my lungs? A: Probably not, but I could accommodate you if you want that.   Q: How long does it take?   Q: How hard do I have to work? Why do I have to work at all? Q: Well, this doesn’t sound easy or fun like the movie The Secret promised!   Q: What are your credentials? (You don’t know what you are doing.) You aren’t legally allowed to do therapy. A: This is not therapy.   Q: Where are your testimonials and references? Q: Where are your case studies? Q: Where is your proof?   Q: Isn’t it true that you can only help someone up to your own level of health and success? That you can’t help people beyond your current level of health and success?   Q: Who is going to let a life coach work with their schizophrenic patient? A: Those who have tried everything else and are still in trouble.   Q: Where is your absolute proof that you know what you are talking about? AND that you can deliver?   Q: Are your services guaranteed?   Q: What kind of car do you drive? Q: Why are you fees so expensive? Q: What about discounts in this economy? Q: Do you not care in really helping people by making what you know available for free? Do you not have charity? You must not really care about people if you don’t help us for free. Q: When will your book be finished? A: I haven’t decided to publish my book yet. . .   Q: How do I learn to do what you do?   Q: Good grief! If you even deliver partially on what you say you can do then you must be one of the greatest minds the world has ever known! What are you doing in Salt Lake City?   Q: Holy crap you are confident in your abilities! Are there any other outlandish preposterous statements you want to make!!???! A: No one is beyond facilitation now. There is no human being that I can’t handle in coaching if they do one thing. And that is to voluntarily keep attending the appoinments.