The life you’re living today is the result of your beliefs.

If you want something more from life, you must change your beliefs – permanently.

Toby Jensen has over 20 years of experience helping people create the lives they want by resolving their self-defeating beliefs and empowering lives.

Toby’s program can help you design the life you want. With his guidance you can finally change your deepest beliefs, and make that change last. Clients have used this program to transform their lives, their work, and their world.


  • Build loving and meaningful personal relationships that endure.
  • Balance your personal and professional lives and live life fully.
  • Engage others and influence them from a place of love.
  • Create real, honest, authentic and fulfilling relationships.


  • Earn the income you deserve, and find time to enjoy it.
  • Break away from old rules, see change before it happens, and turn uncertainty into a competitive advantage.
  • Reach your potential as a communicator, negotiator, and a leader.
  • Create a system that automates the daily management of your business to keep your focus on vision and strategy.
  • Build a professional network that expands your reach and multiplies your influence.


  • Unlock your full potential, and perform your best whenever needed.
  • Maintain reliable self-confidence in any situation.
  • Silence any negative self-talk distracting you.
  • Generate energy, creativity, and drive on command.

The Three Steps of Gutap™

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